This page showcases critical analysis of games I've played, as well as speaking about game concepts as a whole and how they affect people.

This was a paper I wrote analyzing the appearance of hyper sexualized characters in games (both male and female) over time, and how these characters can both positively and negatively affect players.

Analysis of Hyper-sexuality In Games
The Role of Gender in Undertale

The following paper analyzes how gender roles are used (often by not being apparent) in Undertale to create a more dynamic and modern story, as well as more dynamically interesting characters.

Video Games and National Communities

This supplementary presentation looks at video games as a whole and how they have affected our national community. This looks at negative aspects, such as violence in games, as well as positive aspects, and try to see where games can move forward from they currently stand.

This is a critical analysis of most elements of Kingdom Hearts, one of my favorite game franchises of all time. It examines how Disney came to work with Square, and how the final product worked or fell short as an RPG.

Critical Review of Kingdom Hearts

This paper analyzes Banjo-Kazooie, and how Rare went to create one of the greatest adventure games of the Nintendo 64 era. It looks at the smart level design, musical design, as well as how the gameplay was so innovative for its time.

Critical Review of Banjo-Kazooie