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Granninja: Hero In A Diaper

DESCRIPTION: Granninja​ is the first video game I've ever made. It was created in the Unity Engine, and was a very simple project. The premise of this project was to create an interesting game where the player can only use one button for the whole game. My main idea was to create a game that used the same button to do various different things, depending on the level you were playing. Although this wasn't a very unique gameplay idea, the concept was where I really worked to create something truly absurd and unique. Looking back, although the game is certainly not that good, I really do love the concept and plan on remaking the game on a much larger scale now that I have become a more full fledged developer.

ROLE: Lead gameplay programmer/Lead Game and Level Designer. I programmed all aspects of the game in Unity2D, and came up with the story concept as well. Created very simplistic cutscene storytelling to develop the silly backstory of the game.


POST MORTEM: Again, this was my first ever project as a game designer, and with that I learned some incredibly valuable lessons that I take with me on each and every project I work on. First, it is incredibly difficult to create an interesting game. I had a strong vision that I wanted to create, but I came nowhere near close to my end goal, and it was a very eye opening experience for me to learn that game design is much more serious than most people think it is. Every single aspect of the game, from cutscenes to the UI to the gameplay itself is incredibly important to think through fully in order to create a fully immersive and fun experience.