No Place Like Home

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DESCRIPTION: No Place Like Home is a ​narrative-based 3D game developed in Unity. The main topic of this game is homelessness, and my team and I wanted to look into how it can affect people in the real world. 

ROLE: Lead Programmer, Designer and QA Tester. Collaborated with all team mates to set up project meeting times, as well as expectations for weekly presentations of work. Programmed the core gameplay, including player interactions with the environment and scripted cut-scenes.  Designed the 4 core environments that the player can explore. Conducted 4 play-testing sessions in order to get critical feedback for game improvement.


POSTMORTEM: There are two big lessons I learned from making this game, the first being how to push the player along in a game without directly telling them what to do. The second lesson I learned was how important scaling is. In this game you are supposed to be playing as a younger kid, and that didn't get across a lot of players until later in the game, partially due to how they were seemingly adult height in these houses.