Red Running Hood

DESCRIPTION: Red Running Hood is a mobile game developed during my junior year. It is a 2.5D top down endless runner, where you play as Little Red Riding Hood, trying to run away from the wolf enemy.

ROLE: Lead Programmer/Level Designer and QA Tester. Fully programmed the game mechanics, and optimized the project for playing on iOS devices. Designed the world that the player would be engaging with, which was procedurally generated. Conducted 5 play-testing sessions focusing on optimization for a mobile device.


POSTMORTEM: This was the first mobile game I have ever worked on. I wanted to create a very simple but addictive game to ensure that I can make the quality of the game as good as possible without suffering gameplay due to lack of knowledge of mobile game development. I learned about a lot of the nuances in creating an engaging experience on such a small device.