Room Blueprints With Outlines.
Room with Walls.
Room with 3D outlines for layout.
Finished 3D Wireframes for room.
Creating the meshes for all objects
Game and TV area objects.
Game and TV area with Textures
Entrance area with textures.
Final room layout with lighting.
Room layout w/ alternate lighting

Bedroom Created in Maya

DESCRIPTION: This is a 3D bedroom that I fully created in Maya. The process started out on paper, with drawing out blueprints in order to have a strong idea of what I wanted to create and how I wanted the final room to look. From there I brought the image into maya and began creating a wireframe layout of the room. After that I moved onto creating the actual objects that I planned to place throughout the room and ended off with polishing all of the items, adding textures to them and mapping them properly, and creating some nice lighting scenarios for the room.

ROLE: 3D modeler/Room Designer. I created every object within the room, and placed them using pre-created blueprints on paper. The textures were royalty free, and I also created the lighting effects within the room.


POST MORTEM: Being a programmer, this was a project that definitely put me a bit out of my comfort zone. I had never really done many art projects, but this was definitely a challenge I was excited to take. I took full advantage of the design of the room, creating blueprints on paper and then bringing them into Maya to recreate my room. This project was an absolute blast, and it really did help me learn the process that countless artists go through in order to create cohesive objects for one environment.