Rapture The Flag

Winner of best Multiplayer at RPI Gamefest 2017!

Download the PAX East beta!

DESCRIPTION: Rapture the Flag is a multiplayer team-based objective game where players take control of the forces of either heaven or hell and battle it out for control of the souls of the recently departed. The game was showcased at Pax East 2017, and also won Best Multiplayer Game at RPI GameFest 2017 (more info here).

ROLE: Team Lead, Gameplay/Systems Programmer, Level Designer, and QA Tester. Collaborated with all team mates to set up project meeting times, as well as expectations for weekly presentations of work. Created a unique character selection system for 4 player gameplay. Fully programmed our Free For All objective game mode. Designed 4 dynamic maps for the game. Conducted dozens of play-testing sessions, documenting critical feedback for the improvement of the game.

PROJECT LENGTH: Still in development. Currently 7 Months.

POSTMORTEM: The biggest lesson I learned from this game is that sometimes it's better to swallow your pride and get the proper help needed to ensure quality of the game. No matter how much I want to do absolutely everything on a game because I love the process, I can't handle every single aspect of the game. I am looking forward to showcasing this game at PAX East, as this will be a huge learning opportunity for not only showcasing games on a large scale, but to learn from the other developers there.